Donations are a great way to help us save more lives!

Here are some suggestions on much needed things:

Monetary donations help us to cover our basic costs such as electric bill, vaccines, heartworm and flea/tick prevention, enrichment items, licensing, insurance, food, property maintenance, and the list goes on. We appreciate any help you can give for the benefit of the animals. 

If you prefer to donate via check or money order, please mail it to: Carpathia Paws

 1534 Airport Rd

       Hinesville, GA 31313

Amazon Wish List

If you prefer, please click link below to go to our Amazon wish list. It is updated as needed with items for the benefit of the animals. 

Canned and dry cat and dog food is always needed, as well as treats like pork skin chews, deer antlers, cow hooves, training treats, and both clumping and non-clumping litter for the kitties.

All kinds of chew and cuddle toys are welcome, especially enrichment activity toys like treat puzzles, snuffle mats, long lasting chews, and Kong toys for stuffing.

Bedding like blankets and towels are essential to keep the animals clean and warm.

Dog beds, such as Kuranda beds, are excellent to keep them off the cold hard floor.  We try to stay away from large fabric items that cannot be easily washed and disinfected.